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Tucantex is intelligence and quality

We innovate and manufacture based on high quality standards, using the most advanced technologies. This enables us to produce and make a wide range of products in different categories, which adapt to the needs of your business.

We specialise in the production and handling of 5 qualities of highly technified and ecofriendly fabrics.

Fabric qualities

Different ecofriendly fabrics with specialist qualities


Synthetic fabric pieces that are soft and fluffy to touch. It is cheaper to wash, thus saving on energy, water and detergent. It takes up less space that other fabrics and is hygienic, thanks to its capacity to absorb dirt and reduce fungi and bacteria. It cannot be misshapen, and does not shrink or stretch. It withstands a high number of washes and is very easy to maintain. It also has anti-pilling properties, which extends its useful life while keeping it looking as good as new.


Pieces that take up little space and keep their shape and properties after washing. Crease-free, high absorption and with a long lifecycle. It can be silk screened and printed.
It is cheaper to wash, thus saving on energy, water and detergent, and is quick drying. It is hygienic thanks to its capacity to absorb dirt and reduce fungi and bacteria. Anti-pilling properties.


Classic, natural fabric. Soft, light, warm, comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic. Great absorption capacity. Resistance and durability. Easy to personalise with embroidery.


The result of combining cotton and microfibre, maintaining the characteristics of both fabrics. Softness, crease-free, little space, and excellent properties for washing, drying and storage. It does not retain bad odours. It can be personalised with prints and embroidery.


Fabrics based on crease-free synthetic fibre, perfect for technical clothing. Great elasticity and high resistance to abrasion, fading, UVA rays, high temperatures, bacteria and mould. Can easily be personalised with printing.


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