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rollos tejido fabric rolls

One of the most influential factors that affects most users’ memories of their experience in a certain business is how comfortable they have felt throughout the time they spent in that establishment or used its services. This impression is especially decisive in the case of businesses that are related to wellness and spa services, since customers enjoy a much more intense and direct contact with the facilities.

Tucantex has been providing effective solutions to these types of businesses for many years so that customers continuously have positive experiences of their stay at such establishments. That is why it offers the possibility of obtaining high quality fabric rolls, which are totally adapted to the needs of each client. These fabrics are also the result of a constant process of innovation and updating. Two of the company’s latest products are rolls of micro cotton and micro fibre fabric.

Depending on the material chosen, companies will obtain the best results depending on the desired products, whether it is making towels, stretcher covers or mats, among other items. In all cases, the brand image looks as elegant as possible and, as a result, the business gains a good reputation.

Micro cotton fabric roll

Micro cotton is one of the most sophisticated materials that professionals can find to make all kinds of clothes and accessories. The roll includes cotton in its back part, which gives the fabric consistency and softness, while incorporating micro fibres in the front part, a guarantee of lightness and easy maintenance.

Rollos de tejido de microalgodón - fabric rolls micro cotton

Durability is the other most outstanding quality of this fabric, which has a weight of 340 g/sqm. The roll consists of a width of 160 cm and a length of 100 metres, dimensions that allow for the creation of numerous garments and guarantee the same consistency. The only precaution to be taken with this fabric is not to use any bleach (bleach or chlorine) during the washing process. Having said that, even if you do use bleach, it will not cause any issues because the material can be cleaned with surprising ease.

Advanced technology at your business’ disposal

This fabric allows the digital stamping of the different garments. But what exactly does this mean? To put it in simpler terms, it means that the options to personalise even the smallest detail of the garments are immense for businesses. The stamping is carried out on one side of the garment and always with the company’s own designs and with a long service life.

Roll of microfiber fabric

Micro fiber is another one of those star fabrics featured in Tucantex’s catalogue. In fact, we supply two different alternatives that fulfil the needs of businesses, and in both cases, they stand out for their high performance and numerous customisation possibilities.

Rollos de tejido de microfibra - fabric rolls micro fiber

Compact micro fiber, a professional solution

The compact micro fiber is the most demanded and popular product for producing hammock covers, cushions or stretchers. It works by providing a cover to protect the garments as well as offer the user the highest possible comfort. One of the keys to the success of any spa therapy or treatment is for the customer to be able to disconnect from their everyday routines and feel comfortable using the garment.

This fabric is compatible with one or two-sided stamping and stands out for its strength, which is always maintained even if it goes through very demanding and intense usage. It is, therefore, not surprising that compact micro fiber is one of the solutions preferred by professionals, reducing maintenance and replacement costs. The reels are the same size as the micro cotton, weighing 180 g/sqm.

Spongy micro fiber, maximum softness

The spongy micro fibre is somewhat of a softer version of this versatile fabric. The higher fibre density does not affect the weight of the garments, but it does considerably increase the feeling of comfort for the wearer.

This material is generally used for making bathrobes and other garments that are in direct contact with the wearer’s skin. However, its advantages go much further and it can be used with any other fabric, such as cushion covers. Maintenance is equally simple and the surface maintains its best properties for a long time.

Tucantex and its 100% customised solutions

Tucantex is a family business that specialises in providing the best quality fabrics and garments for businesses related to wellness and spa. We distinguish ourselves by paying special attention to each and every question or concern that’s raised by our customers. All you have to do is fill in a simple form and Tucantex will get to work right away by offering you the best solutions for your business.

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