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Let’s start with the basics, what is it?

In many supermarkets, department stores, home cleaning shops, motorcycles, gyms, hotels and spa’s we can find products made with microfiber.

It is a type of very fine fibre that is made from a non-woven textile called, by extension, also microfibre. It consists mainly of polyester (about four fifths) and polyamide. The thread obtained is a hundred times finer than human hair, and half as thick as silk. Its diameter is 10 microns in general.

And what are its characteristics?

Its ability to absorb liquids is double the capacity of cotton: it makes a towel thinner and lighter, or a cloth needs a smaller amount of cleaning product. This high absorption capacity makes products made with this material the best for drying, cleaning, protecting and shining etc. Another advantage is that it leaves no residue in the form of hair or traces of the cleaning path on any surface, so its abrasion is very low. As it is a type of synthetic fiber its life cycle is very long.

Unlike other fabrics they are hypoallergenic and antibacterial; they need less water and resist many washes and high temperatures without deforming: they do not shrink or fray. There are many types with different final finishes, so you can get, for example, handkerchiefs or pieces of fine clothing as soft as silk, or superabsorbent cloths that do not scratch. Customized pieces can be manufactured for specific uses and purposes or that require a higher performance than traditional fibers.

Microfiber experts for 16 years

At Tucantex we develop a type of high performance microfiber following the most demanding standards of the sector: we create and develop with our own technology innovative fabrics under the brands Tucantex® and Towelplus® for greater comfort, care and well-being of people.

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