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Quality, service, reliability and personal treatment

We are a family-run company that specialises in the manufacture and production of specialist, high-quality microfibre, microcotton and cotton fabrics.

We design, produce and personalise a wide range of fabrics and textile products with different characteristics, under the premises of quality, versatility, wellness and environmental commitment in both the manufacturing processes and the result and usability of the end product. Tucantex fabrics are soft, light and pleasant to touch, and are long-lasting textile products that help save energy.


・2002 we presented the “Balneo Fluffy quality”, very soft and light, especially for wellness centres such as spas, characterised for saving water, energy and time.

・2006 we started work in the hotel sector, introducing new items that save energy.
・2015 we extended our technology to include “Balneo Compact quality” in towels, and started personalisation through digital printing.
・2018 we developed the “Balneo Micro-cotton quality”, which is faster drying.
・2019 we launched our first collection aimed at end consumers.