As well as being useful after bathing, spa bathrobes and spas provide a better experience in wellness centres thanks to their warmth, comfort and softness with intelligent fabrics. Is the microfibre fabric the most suitable one? Then try it out!

A microfibre bathrobe is part of the textile products that every spa should have, offering a feeling of well-being for users and greater ease of drying after massages, baths and other therapies.

Also known as bathrobes, they are ideal for both adults and children and their use does not depend on a specific time of year.

The microfibre for making bathrobes for spas and spas has great qualities in terms of its rapid absorption of liquids, great ease of washing, intelligent fabric that does not loose lint and comfortable movement.

Bathrobes for spas and spas: opt for intelligent fabrics

Compact quality: kimono bathrobes
The compact quality presents a type of bathrobe with kimono model, ideal for spas as well as for spas and wellness centres in general.

Micro cotton quality: two in one
It offers a perfect combination between towels and bathrobes. On the one hand it is made of microfiber fabric and on the other hand it is made of cotton, presenting a great absorption capacity and a softness incomparable to any other textile product.

These bathrobes for spas and spas are designed for all skin types, even for the most sensitive, delicate or allergic skins. In addition, microfibre textile products have a long durability, do not require ironing and have a fast drying process.

Would you like to place a specific order? In our textile factory we can design the colour you want in Pantone’s chromatic definition system, as well as the size and print you need for your microfibre bathrobe.

Comfort and personalised design: the advantage of having bathrobes in spa’s

Having bathrobes for spas and spas in microfiber fabric and with personalized design, is the best way to take advantage of the offer in textile products with intelligent fabrics.

Some types of alboroces are more spongy, others have hoods, folds, pockets and most have a belt to fit the body, providing direct contact with the skin to achieve that characteristic of absorption and warmth that we need so much.

The design of bathrobes for spas and spas is relevant when we have a Wellness Centre that follows a specific concept. We invite you to check with our customer service team to place an order of microfibre bathrobes to suit what you need and like best for your spa, spa or beauty centre.

Visit us! And get a competitive quote on spa bathrobes and microfiber spas. We have a wealth of experience, quality products and personalised service.

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