¿Sabes cómo lavar una tela de toalla microfibra? Están prohibidas las altas temperaturas y algunos productos químicos. ¡Aprende cómo mantener como nuevas tus toallas de microfibra!

Buying microfibre towels is the best choice for use at home, when going to the gym or if we are regular visitors to spas and wellness centres. Why? Its tiny fibers are very easy to trap dirt, debris and even bacteria and hold them until they are washed again. But of course, like everything else, they also need regular care and washing. Here’s how to wash microfiber towels.

The most common way to wash microfiber towels is to use the washing machine. We advise you, of course, to separate the dirtiest clothes and towels to prevent dirt from filtering from one garment to another. In fact, there are anti-stain treatments that also allow you to leave them soaked with soap.


Using lukewarm water is the best way to remove the deepest dirt. Once the washing cycle is over, it is best to hang them in the open air to dry them, it is best to dry them in the sun rather than in the dryer. Remember that microfiber has an enormous facility when it comes to disappear moisture quickly.

Another way to wash microfibre towels is to rinse it under the tap and then clean it very well. Let it soak in the sink or in a bucket of warm water with a tablespoon of mild detergent. At the same time, avoid anything with bleach as it will surely deteriorate the fabric. Then place the garment in a washing machine with enough detergent, never mix it with cotton towels as it could collect particles or use softener, as this will eliminate the static electricity needed for maximum efficiency. It is not advisable to use the dryer to wash microfiber towels as this can help melt individual fibers and thus affect their quality. And of course, neither do ironing.

Another option is to wash your microfiber towels is to rub them with a paste made from bicarbonate and water and let stand for half an hour. Bicarbonate absorbs odours very well and leaves everything without traces of dirt. Then fill a bucket with warm soapy water, submerge the towel and rub it repeatedly to remove the accumulated dirt. Remove all baking soda paste and dirt that comes off and rinse with cold water, you can add a few drops of lemon to each towel once they are clean to enjoy a pleasant fresh smell.

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