We offer you the best quality for your sector, get to know our towels and all the benefits they have.

Today we want to introduce you the towels for the hotel and catering industry of our company Tucantex. Join us in this review of the main hotel towels we offer. Products in which we surpass the quality provided by the American terry cloth.

Below, we explain their characteristics. Take note of them.

The importance of textiles in the hotel industry

Textiles in the hotel and catering industry are a fundamental element in making a good first impression on customers. They will notice it on curtains and cushions, but also on towels in hotels.

The characteristics of hotel towels:

Usually, the towels are white for the hotel industry

White towels for the hospitality industry have become the norm in most establishments. Although other colours are admitted, depending on the aesthetics of each one, customers immediately identify white with cleanliness and hygiene.

Embroidered towels as a sign of identity

On the other hand, in Tucantex we give you the possibility to personalize by means of the embroidered towels. You can choose to have the logo of the hotel, initials, a drawing, etc.

The measures of the hotel towels

As for the hotel towels’ measurements, bear in mind that they can be used both for the exit from the bathroom and for hanging on the toilet. We offer the following sizes: 100 x 160, 145 x 100, 50 x 100, 75 x 100 and 80 x 160 cm.

Which towels do we offer for the hotel industry?

As towels in hotels are essential, we want to show you different types that can be adapted to the needs of yours.

Hotel bath towels at your disposal

If, for example, you want some hotel bath towels that fit the concept of a charming one, the following are ideal.

First of all, we would like to highlight the smooth towels made of 100% cotton. We emphasize the importance of having been made with this material, since it is the highest quality. Besides the fact that you will feel them softer, they absorb water more easily.

On the other hand, its conventional curl has two strands, while the American one has one. They are denser towels, which makes them more attractive. As for the weight (the heavier they are, the more effective they are), we have them in 450, and 520.

Finally, you can also choose our 420 g/m2 micro-cotton towel. It has one part made of cotton and the other composed of microfiber.

If you are interested in making an enquiry and/or personalizing your towels with elegant embroideries you can also contact us through the form. See more

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