When visiting a wellness centre, the least that the customer expects is to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. Of course, the quality of the services and the facilities as well as the attention of the staff at the wellness centre are the decisive factors to make us feel comfortable. No less relevant is the clothing offered to all the customers, which can impact the assessment of their experience.

Below, we will show you the main types of textile products that should not be missing from a wellness centre. All of them are available on the Tucantex website.

Bathrobes, the star garment

It would be difficult not to mention a garment that’s more connected to what a wellness centre stands for than the bathrobe. Tucantex knows this very well and therefore has several lines of bathrobes with softness as the main feature. One of the most popular options for wellness centres is the use of microfibre fabrics, as they are incredibly light and fit perfectly to the body.

Abornoces - Bathrobes

Similar results are obtained with micro-cotton bathrobes, which have the same softness as towels and share many more similar qualities, such as their great capacity to absorb water. This type of fabric is very comfortable even for the most sensitive or delicate skins, preventing any allergic reaction and also preventing the itching that other materials usually cause on eczema-prone skins.

We cannot forget to mention about the American terry cloth bathrobes that are made of 100% cotton and their weight hardly reaches 500 grams. They fit perfectly to the body and have functional side pockets. These robes can be fully customised, including, for example, placing the logo or the name of the wellness centre on them, which adds extra exclusivity and contributes to improving the brand image.

Multi-purpose towels

Like bathrobes, towels are also in direct contact with the body and a large part of the impression the customer will get from his or her stay in the wellness centre depends on their quality. Micro cotton is, as we have already seen, one of the most recommended fabrics for towels. In addition to its qualities for customers, there are also advantages for the business, such as its quick drying properties.

Toallas - Towels

Towels made from pure cotton cannot be missing from a fully equipped wellness centre. Tucantex has various finishes, such as the classic Greca style, which incorporates the characteristics of Greek-inspired border features. There are also plain or American-terry cloth varieties, offering levels of softness and comfort that are difficult to match.

Microfibre is another fabric to consider for towels. This material offers a lightness and softness that is highly resistant to wear and tear, to the point that the towels do not shrink one bit even after multiple washes. These towels also provide great antibacterial resistance, which is ideal for keeping the wellness centre clean and protecting the health of customers. The last product suggestion would be the colourful and fluffy towels that are slightly heavier but have a greater capacity for water absorption.

Slippers for a more enjoyable experience

Although most services are provided at a specific point in the facility, customers have to walk between different rooms to complete their wellness experience. Slippers play a decisive role here in ensuring the safety of customers.

Zapatillas - Slippers

Tucantex has three different lines of slippers, made from the same materials and with a velvety fabric that offers maximum comfort for the feet. The Comfort footwear series has a sealed design based on microfibers, but there is also an open model that is even more comfortable to wear. In any case, the star product is the non-slip Comfort shoe, the safest solution for customers’ mobility. All these slippers can be customised.

Sheets, covers and other items for stretchers

How will the customer reviews of a wellness centre be if it doesn’t pay attention to the sheets, covers and other garments on its stretchers where the customers will be receiving the appropriate treatments? Tucantex hasn’t left out these items from its list of products and therefore provides different types of adjustable covers, which are more compact or extra fluffy according to the preferences of each wellness centre.

Sábanas - Bed linen

There is more variety in the sheets, with disposable or washable products in different styles (with a hole, for example). The sarong is always for single use as this is the garment that customers wear whilst receiving the most comforting treatments. The same goes for the multi-purpose plastic paper rolls.

Be sure to visit the website of Tucantex to discover more details about these and other outstanding products for your wellness centre.

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